Are you interested in becoming a plumber or an electrician?

Here we listed some interesting reads that may answer your questions. Are you a plumber or an electrcian?

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1. Electrician Is A Much Better Industry To Be In There’s Lots Of Work Going Around Because Not Many People Want To Pay For All The Training That’s Envolved, Plumbing Is Also A Good Trade But I Would Train As A Electrician. – Yahoo Answers

2. With plumbers and electricians in the family, I would say electrician is a better bet. There are some interesting ways to specialise as well. But the most important thing is getting into the right sector of either, or quickly growing your own domestic business, else you will do shitty work at award wages for someone else to profit largely from. Whatever you do, as soon as possible be willing to take on leading hand roles for the extra pittance an hour, it is insurance for down the road – you’ll end up running big jobs and that’s how you stay employed, offering good value for money, as others are hired and fired as work ebbs and flows.
It is a pretty good jig, you can earn double the median wage, which will include some over-time but not the crazy hours I have seen some corporate salaried workers do for the same or less. Plus you start earning at a younger age (if you are going into an apprenticeship out of school). – Reddit

3. There are no doubts that the modern society depends on electricity. From this point of view, it is obvious that electricians will always be in great demand. New technologies pop up on a regular basis. Besides, there are still huge areas that are not covered in electricity, so the expansion is very likely to last for many decades. Furthermore, unexpected situations and problems arise when least expected, hence the necessity to have an electrician’s number in your address book. – Electrician Trading Info

4. One of the main reasons to become a plumber is the possibility to operate, run and manage your own business. As long as you are the entrepreneurial type of individual, there are no reasons to ignore this possibility. You do not necessarily have to work for someone else, but just provide a local business. With time, it might grow. If your children enjoy it, your little business might soon become a family company supporting the surroundings. Electricians can also become entrepreneurs, but it is a rarer occurrence. – Electrician Trading Info

5. I started working many years ago as a plumbers helper and had an opportunity to start work in an electrical shop. I found the electrical work was cleaner and had many opportunities for advancement. The main thing is to find a line of work that you enjoy as you will be working for many years. I found that I liked the repair of equipment better than either and have made a good living for the last 30 years servicing equioment that required both electrical and plumbing skills. – Yahoo Answers

6. One of my sons has worked as a plumber and another as an electrician. Neither of them would fit any stereotypes mentioned above. They’re well-educated, well-read. Both enjoy working with their hands and both enjoy being able to work when they want. I, a slender woman, did carpentry into my fifties, and I’m no weightlifter. The trades are hard on bodies of any shape. I think a lot is going to depend on whether you get into an apprenticeship program and where. Look at both, as others have recommended. – Metafilter