Almost every tradesman faces the same recurrent issue: the public opinion is reluctant about the quality of their services. This is why many of them constantly look for ways to gain more knowledge on how to run their business and attract more clients, while also avoid that unwanted attention. In that regard, we offer you 10 of the most used ways through which any tradesman can make his business flourish:

1. Dare and you will be rewarded

In the industry the competition is fierce and what sets you apart from other competitors is what makes you different. Try to use these in your advantage and communicate them in various meetings, on websites and so on.

Finance Service Australia2. Obligatory licenses

Every state has its policy regarding the demands required by these, depending on your business’ size or structure, but one thing is sure and that is the mandatory aspect. Getting caught lacking the proper license can result in some unwanted aftermath that will damage your reputation and your budget.

3. Specialize and get the benefits

Don’t go for a general character, but try instead to focus your efforts in one specific niche and value it to its maximum potential. All your money and efforts should support one aspect that will make you stand out in that niche that you chose.

4. Careful with the first impression

This will make a huge difference. Dress classy and appropriate, be punctual and, most of all, polite and educated. In fact it is that first impression that influences the customer when he will have to make a decision about a future engagement. First impression is extremely important so make it count.

5. Get your insurance

As a tradesman, you will be subjected to more risk than any other businessman. There are a lot of things that you should consider getting insurance over, such as: public liability, income protection, tools insurance and many others. Try talking to an insurance broker and he will reveal every aspect that you need cover. BELLFIN can assist you with getting the right business insurance at the right premium.

6. Get your business online

As farfetched as it may seem, this is actually the most common thing customers are interested in, because having a website it seems to add credibility to your business. For just few hundred dollars you can get a standard simple website, couple of photos and some relevant descriptions and you are good to go.

7. Get a reliable accountant

An accountant is a must-have in almost every business, since a good accountant will assist you in a wide range of aspects, such as tax obligations, Superannuation, GST and tax structure for the period to come.

8. Keep track of your business’ evolution

Nothing is worth more than time and this means that you should asses your tasks more efficiently, know what works and what doesn’t and try to increase your business’s efficiency. Every failure should be thoroughly analyzed, because it will help you avoid similar moments in the future.

9. Terms and Conditions

Bottom line? Write them clear and unequivocally. These are specifications that both you and your customer will get benefits from, since they should be designed to offer you equal rights and protections. If you want a professional to get these done, go and see a lawyer. He will instruct you what to do.

10. Look for proficient referrals

There is probably no other business where your referrals will have the same impact as in the trading business, since this is the most researched aspect, that a customer will look for. You reputation will speak for itself, so make sure it is impeccable and you will increase your chances to get great deals off of it.

11. Finance options to purchase Utes/vans & equipment

There are easy finance options available to tradies with minimal paperwork. Lenders are willing to finance up to $150K for vehicles/vans as well as up to $55K for equipment/machinery. This is with no financials/tax returns and based on 2 year abn, owner or spouse being property owner.
Clear credit history is also a must. Bellfin specialize in assisting Tradies so do not hesitate to discuss the options available to you.